How Virtual Consultation Improves Patient’s Health

Hospitals and medical practices are turning to telemedicine to support patients with chronic illnesses, especially those with life-threatening illnesses. Patients can communicate directly with their doctors via Afyabora’s Online Doctor Consultation Platform. This segmented remote interaction, which could be expanded with home diagnostic devices, could lead to significant improvements in patient care.

We measure the value of virtual care by quantifying what drives adoption, by getting advocates to sign contracts to expand coverage, and by pushing adoption. We build on the benefits of centralized planning, training, and access to health-care resources to support virtual care through the use of telemedicine.

This includes the use of telemedicine in the treatment of chronic patients and in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Interactive medicine, also known as live telemedicine, is when doctors and patients communicate in real time. In cases where necessary, healthcare providers can monitor readings from medical devices to keep an eye on the disease. Remote monitoring of patients allows caregivers to monitor patients with mobile medical devices to collect information about the patient’s health, such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and blood sugar levels.

Providers can share health information with other healthcare professionals and specialists such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

In combination with virtual access to doctor consultations, a near virtual office visit can expand the possibility for patients to access care conveniently from the provider’s practice. Virtual home health services can be used to provide remotely services that would still be in person. They could improve the experience of patients & caregivers to improve connectivity with the broader nursing team, expand the reach of home health care providers, and improve the experience of patients and caregivers.

The technology behind Afyabora is a fully managed virtual consulting service in Kenya that uses modern technology to deliver services in a secure and easy-to-use way.

Final Thoughts

This Shows that virtual consultations with secure messaging and EHR did not affect patient satisfaction with their care. Patients who needed face-to-face consultation experienced improved access to their GP and patients gained more experience with this type of consultation. When providers decided to use virtual counselling to ask questions about patient care, the number of patients who needed face-to-face counselling fell. While less than 7% of all consultations were virtual during the study period, about one in five patients with a high-risk disease needed personal consultation from a specialist.

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